United Airlines Baggage Allowance from US to Brazil

Carry On

United Airlines will permit one bag plus one personal item (see below), per customer to be carried on the aircraft.
The maximum combined linear measurement (length + width + height) of carry-on bags must not exceed 14 inches x 9 inches x 22 inches (23 x 35 x 56 cm) or 45 linear inches (114 cm).
In addition to one carry-on item, you may bring one personal item such as a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or an item of similar size.
The following items are not counted toward your one bag and one personal item limit: Overcoat or wrap, umbrella, collapsible wheelchair, child restraint seat meeting FAA approval standards, camera, diaper bag, limited amount of duty-free merchandise or food purchased in the airport, assistive devices (a cane, one set of crutches, prescription medications and any medical devices needed to administer the medications, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), etc.).Small and portable electronic items do not need to be removed from their carrying cases.

Battery-operated personal air-purifying devices are prohibited onboard all United flights.

Our aircrafts are equipped with a closet to accommodate limited storage of items including:
Folding collapsible wheelchair*
Canes and walking sticks
Garments (e.g., wedding dress)**
*Priority will be given to customers pre-boarding with folding collapsible wheelchairs.
**On a space available basis.

Checked baggage

Check up to two bags at no charge

Up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) L + W + H and 70.0 lbs (32 kg) per bag

Extra Baggage Fee

Checked baggage in excess of the baggage allowance will be charged $150.
Additional, overweight and oversize charges are accumulative per piece.
No more than three additional pieces will be accepted.

Overweight Baggage Fee

For bags exceeding 70 lb (32 kg), but less than 100 lb (45 kg), the rate charged will be $400 each.Baggage in excess of 100 pounds (45 kilograms) will not be accepted as checked baggage.
Assistive devices, including electric wheelchairs weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms), will continue to be accepted at no charge.

Oversized Baggage Fee

Passengers who travel with checked baggage exceeding 62 linear inches (158 cm) will be charged $200 per piece.
These charges are in addition to any charge assessed for additional or overweight baggage.Baggage over 115 linear inches (292 cm)(total length + width + height) will not be accepted as checked baggage.


The information on this page is true and correct at the time of publication. Because airlines reserve the right to change policies at any time, please contact the airlines for official and up-to-date baggage restrictions.