• Is a visa required for entry to Brazil?

    As a general rule, Brazil requests visas based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment given to Brazilian citizens. You DO need a visa (either for tourism or business) BEFORE entering Brazil if you are a citizen of the United States. For more information click here.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Brazil Visas?

    The time it takes to process your visa depends on the Jurisdiction in which you live. It can take from a couple of days to couple weeks. If the Consulate is busier than usual, the processing time for visas may be extended. The Brazilian Consulates does not have an expedite fee.We recommend to contact the Brazilian Consulate of your jurisdiction to obtain the current processing time.

  • What are the most important places to visit?

    It will depend on yourinterest, Rio de Janeiro has long been the main destination, followed by Salvador, Iguacu Falls and the Amazon. If you not sure what city or cities you want to visit, do not worry, we will be happy to help you make the best decision based on your interests.

  • How safe is Brazil for tourists?

    Like any destinationin the world, some cities there are areas in which it is safer, and those in which it is less safe. We will always recommend the best areas for you to stay. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and common sense,and act responsibly during their time in Brazil, but not to avoid this magical destination out of fear.

  • What airlines do you work with?

    We have contracts with all the major carriers to Brazil, and also with the regional airlines, we will suggest the routing and carrier that offers the best combination of schedule and best value.

  • What and When is Carnival?

    Carnival (Carnaval in Brazilian Portugues) is the annual festival in Brazil held 40 days before Easter. The most famous Carnival are the samba parades in Rio de Janeiro and the street carnival animated by “Trio Eletricos” of Salvador. Following are the dates for next 5 years:

    Rio Carnival 2013 dates: February 8th until February 12th
    Rio Carnival 2014 dates: February 28th until March 4th
    Rio Carnival 2015 dates: February 13th until February 17th
    Rio Carnival 2016 dates: February 5th until February 9th
    Rio Carnival 2017 dates: February 24th until February 28th

  • Should I bring cash or traveler’s checks or just credit cards?

    Major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are generally accepted (although Amex and Discover are less common in smaller towns). Be sure to notify your bank that you will be travelling to Brazil so that your credit and debit card transactions are authorized. Keep in mind that many banks now assess a 1% to 3%transaction fee on all charges you incur abroad (whether you’re using the local currency or U.S. dollars).
    Traveler’s checks are not a very good idea in Brazil. Many shops won’t accept them, and the Banco do Brasil is the only bank that will cash them with a minimum of hassle but will charge a US$20 service fee.

  • How does tipping work in Brazil?

    The jobs for which tipping in Brazil is expected are similar to the United States and include waiters, bartenders, tour guides, and hotel bellmen. Taxi drivers are not usually tipped, but it is standard to round up to the next Real. The standard tip for waiters in restaurants is 10% and is usually included in the bill. Note that sales tax is included in the menu prices and is not added to the final bill.

    For any additional question you may have about traveling to Brazil, please contact us at info@globotur.com