Anavilhanas Packages

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Package

At Anavilhanas, hosting by itself is not enough. All guests are presented with guided tours by natives and bilingual guides in English and Spanish at no additional cost. Each package was designed to bring out the essence of the Amazon in accordance to the number of days a guest spends at the Lodge!

3 Days & 2 Nights’ Experience

Designed for the traveler who is eager to know the Amazon but is pressed for time, the 2 nights’ ackage offers the essential tours for visitors of this region.

In this package, you can experience these tours:

Night Spotting (1,5 hs aprox.): The unique sensation of living the Amazon Forest during the night in motorized canoes is experienced in search of night birds, sloths, snakes, caimans and sounds

Tour through Anavilhanas Archipelago (2,5 h aprox.): The many channels (paranás), lakes, and islands of the world’s greatest freshwater archipelago are explored in regional boats.

Jungle Hike (2,5 h aprox.): Trekking through the unstirred forest, toured by local guides who will reveal some of
the mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Knowledge about trees, herbs and fruits, jungle survival orientation and natural medicine notions are transferred to the tourist.

Pink Dolphin Feeding Spot and Craft Shops in Novo Airão (2,5 hs aprox.):
We take the guests to a floating deck where wild river dolphins come everyday. Then, the tourist will go to 2 craft shops, where local workers offer original natural products

Recreational Piranha’s Fishing (2 hs aprox.): A fun fishing experience, where the tourist will have the opportunity of fishing and taking piranhas and other small fishes, while enjoys the beauty of rivers and streams.

Sunrise contemplation. will watch the colorful sky changing with the sun rays, see the birds flying to their places and hear the noise of the waken forest

Note: The order of the tours above is defined by the Hotel, which will supply the schedule of the activities upon guest arrival. Guests with pick-up at the airport between 11am and 2pm will not be able to attend the afternoon tour of the first day. Guests with return flights scheduled from 1pm to 7pm will not be able to attend the morning tour of the last day.